Duchess Robinson
Duchess RobinsonCeo / President

Founder, CEO, CTO, CVO, Web Developer, and Visual Artist: all job titles, which Philadelphia-based Web Developer Duchess Arrita Robinson currently holds. What makes this list of roles particularly astounding in Duchess’s case is the fact that she’s held these positions prior to being 30 years old.

Driven by a passion for creativity and love for technology Duchess Arrita S. N. Robinson is one of the most sought technical computer-based guru in the Tri-State area. As founder and president of 8x10designs, a web-based development, internet marketing, and branding company her ability to utilize and combine her knowledge, technical skills, and fine arts training have positioned her to be one of the most sought-after web designers in the Tri-State community.

Ms. Robinson has retained clients in various industries including community organizations, nonprofits, businesses, entrepreneurs, the faith-based community, and political organizations just to name a few. She also services individuals who are in need of graphic designs for promotional materials and private events.

She is the owner and web designer of 8x10designs, Duchess Pro, Blogecourse, Black Girls Hair Rocks LLC, and Black Men and Fashion LLC. She also founded Wise Steps Media Inc. in 2016, and Germaine Academy of the Fine Arts in honor of her mother.

Educated in the public school system in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she decided to continue her studies and enrolled in Moore College of Art and Design receiving a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a certificate in General Fine Arts. She then furthered her studies by matriculating at the University of Arts Philadelphia and obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Painting; and then pursued another Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Marketing from the Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

Ms. Robinson is also a member of the ACT-SO committee, an enrichment program designed to recruit, stimulate, improve and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.

Committed to her community, Duchess makes time in her busy schedule to lend her talents to grassroots and start-up businesses and churches to ensure the closing of the gap within the digital divide. She spends time teaching and training senior citizens basic computer skills and learning how to access and navigate on social media. She also assists her church in becoming up to par in this evolving digital age by serving as the social media and web developer, as well as their graphic designer for their public relations ministry.

Ms. Robinson is a recipient of serval awards for her work in the community such as:

  • City of Philadelphia Citation for Community service for her work with Youth & Young Adults.
  • NAACP ACT-SO Citation as Program Coordinator
  • Afro-Academic Cultural Technological Olympic
  • The 2014 Lucien Blackwell Guiding Light Community Award

Duchess and her family reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and are devoted members of the Berachah Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Robert P. Shine Sr.